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Onuprova 3D Camera 2.3 has been released (5th December 2011)

Now you don't need to worry too much to position cameras perfectly. You can eleminate camera positioning errors using the calibration tool. New features include
  • Camera calibration and colour correction
  • Manual image calibration
  • Single 2D image to pseudo 3D image (add some depth effect)

Onuprova 3D Camera 2.3 on test drive Watch Video

3D Image.bmp

Image generated by Onuprova 3D Camera after capturing two pictures using HTC phone. People on the scenery were moving and two picture has some delay so you can see some disterbing effect on left hand side.

Onuprova 3D Camera 2.0 has been released (2nd December 2011)

Onuprova 3D Camera comes with lots of new features which made us change the name from 'Red Cyan 3D Camera' to 'Onuprova 3D Camera'. This new version supports four new anaglyph colour schemes.

New Features
  • Support for five different colour schemes
  • Anaglyph video recording
  • Improved user interface

Please visit Getting Started Guid for more details.

Please note that: Red Cyan 3D Camera may not update automatically to Onuprova 3D Camera. Please download the new version and install it manually.

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